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Strong, typical woman.

Amen to this brilliant piece of writing!


The age-old debate about submission has for me, brought many things about my lifestyle to the forefront of my attention. I’ve found myself doing things, instinctively; because that’s how I was raised, and even though I am a modern woman for the most part, I do still tend t do certain things in the “old-fashioned” manner that they were taught to me.

See, I’ve noticed this trend of women saying that they will never be submissive to any man, hell I’ve even stated that a couple of times, but with the death of my Dad, I wasn’t too sure about how I would handle certain situations, and then I had an arb experience:

We went to my cousins wedding in Welkom, what was supposed to be a stress free morning when we arrived as probably one of the most shocking experiences of my life. I walked into a kitchen, filled…

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