3 Cures For A Quarter-Life Crisis

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Two years ago, I was stuck in a job that made me miserable and living a city I hated. Every time my alarm went off in the morning, I’d feel a shooting pain go up and down my back. I used to call this pain my “Morning Edition,” because it coincided with NPR waking me up.

My Morning Edition would shoot up and down my back when I was tying my tie before leaving the house, riding the bus to work, and when I scanned my ID badge on the way in to the office. I’d feel it on the elevator ride upstairs, in weekly team meetings when we went over bullet-pointed to-do lists and discussed “best practices,” and when I was out a bar with friends, feeling my Blackberry vibrate with an email from my boss at 10pm.

The pain, which manifested itself physically as…

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