Admitting To Your Heartbreak Is The First Step To Stitching Your Heart Back Together

I love this… Profound

Thought Catalog

There’s a reason we talk about dating so much — there’s a reason the undercurrent of lost love runs through so much of writing. It’s hard. It’s hard because it matters. But it’s harder when we put expectation on things that already mean a lot. We inflate them and when they fall flat, so do we.

We spend billions of dollars a year on romance: on dating and love and weddings, let alone the online dating and matchmaking portals that are everywhere you turn now. We’re progressive about relationships not being the end all of happiness, but that doesn’t take away the want, the need, for that kind of human desire.

It sometimes feels like we’re conditioned to want someone in our lives, like if we don’t have that person, there might be something wrong with us. That we’re defective somehow, that we must have done something to drive love…

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