8 Things You Learn When You Start Blogging

Love this article 🙂 from Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog


1. Your life ceases to matter until you finish your post

I have a decent job. I have a good circle of friends. I’m reasonably intelligent and nothing about my visage causes children to scream in terror. By all accounts, my life’s not bad. But none of these things matter to me if I haven’t written recently — or worse yet, if I have an article that I’m procrastinating on writing. A tremendous amount of my sense of self-worth has become wrapped up in my capacity to “create.” 

If more than a week goes by without my editor giving me an event to cover, I get unbelievably antsy (just ask any of my friends who have to listen to me complain about being “bored” after a week off). My neurosis is even more intense if I’m working on something that doesn’t have a deadline. Do I want to go…

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