Caffeine addicts unite!

Hi I’m Sky (haha, rhymes) and I’m addicted to all things caffeinated…

I’m not exactly sure when my illicit love affair with coffee began, but it’s certainly lasted longer than any of my (romantic) relationships. Coffee has been there for me in times of sorrow, times of exhaustion and it has been a warm companion through the cold Winter nights. Sounds like true love right? Well it is, a rich, dark roasted, steamy kinda love ;-).

coffee quote meandcoffeeedotcom(image:

I’m aware that my so called addiction to this beautiful beverage is not good for me in the long run, but you know what they say about things that are so good it’s bad, or is it things that are so bad they’re good?? Who cares, I love coffee, coffee loves me. We’re destined to be. (I’m on a roll with the rhyming today, can you tell?)


One of the best moments of my very first international travelling experience was getting to taste the wonderful coffee at Starbucks, it’s every coffee lovers dream to live within walking distance of this store, and when I was in both Texas and New York, I made sure I got my daily fix first thing in the morning. I even went to Java Jacks in Nacogdoches, Texas, it’s the cutest little coffee shop filled with all sorts of interesting books and furniture and of course, they make divine coffee!

What I love about coffee, (besides that enticing smell) is the craft with which it’s made, as well as the many varieties that it comes in. Espresso, Latte’s, Cappucino’s, Americano’s, Choco Chino’s, Cafe Mocha…I could go on and on.

Right now it’s Summer in our country which means warmer days and cooler drinks. Of course this hasnt stopped me from indulging in my drug of choice, as there is the wonderful concoction called Iced Coffee (the person who created this needs a medal or something!). Its literally the best thing ever to drink on a blistering hot day, you get a chilled drink made with ice cream (yum!) while getting the caffeinne fix all in one drink, gotta love it!

Do you have a favourite coffee blend, drink or even a favourite coffee shop in your neighbourhood? Let me know in the comment section 🙂

SG – Expresso yourself!


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