The beginning of a blog

So…I’ve started a blog…

Before anyone assumes anything, I’m not a writer. Not by skill, certainly not by profession. I love to write but have in recent months neglected this due to life being …well…life. It gets crazy busy and before you know it, you’re waking up on Saturday morning thinking it’s Tuesday while getting dressed for work. (True story; this has in fact happened to me, more than once).

Anyway all excuses aside, this blog is purely an experimental thing for me. There are no specific themes,  I intend to write about whatever inspires me at a particular point in time; life, love and everything in between. I’ve written under a pseudonym as most of the topics and content I’ll be writing about involve real people and real situations and I’m not ready to be disowned by family, friends, lovers, etc. 😉

I felt the need to start this blog as a means of expression of my feelings and thoughts. It’s a scary thought for someone like me to share their raw, honest opinions and feelings with strangers, no less on an online platform. But I’ve recently been inspired by a fellow blogger to use this platform to put myself out there, and I’m keen to take it on.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to share, and  if you’ve ever thought of doing something similar, I’d say, “What are you waiting for??”

Comment, Like, Share to your heart’s content. Trolls feel free to build a bridge and  get over it :-p

SG – The Sky’s not the limit



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